A Beginners Guide to Card Counting in Blackjack

Card counting is a legal (though many casinos will kick you out if they catch you doing it) method of giving yourself the edge over the house when playing blackjack

There are many card counting systems out there, but the easiest and simplest is where a simple plus or minus count is used depending on the cards that are dealt.

To use this basic method, each cards from 2 through to 6 inclusive count as a plus 1 to your running total. Cards 7, 8 9 count as zero and all cards from ten through to the aces, count as a minus one to your running total.

As cards are revealed in your hand and the dealers, start at zero and then use the count. So if in one hand the dealer has 10 6 and hits and gets an 8, and you have a 2 4, 7 and another 4. Then the count is -1 for the dealers 10, +3 for your 2, and pair of fours, +1 for the dealers six, plus two cards which count as zero 7 and 8.

Your count is now +2, which means that the pack is now more favourable for the player to win than the house. As such, you need to increase your bet when the pack is in your favour (a higher positive count) than when it is against you (a minus count).

Card counting only works if you are willing to increase your bet when the count is above zero and decreasing your bet when the count is below zero. The higher the count the more the deck is in your favour, the lower, the more it is in the casinos favour.

One final but most important point, if you are playing blackjack online then card counting is not an option. After each hand in online blackjack, the deck is virtually shuffled and all cards are back in play, thus you cannot use a card counting system in an online blackjack game, although you can still use different useful strategies and tips. But you can play at casinos like Zodiac Casino and get a Welcome Bonus that will allow you to play for a while on the casino’s money.